Monday, February 2, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by my friend, Cassie. You're supposed to go to the 6th folder of photos in your computer, pick the 6th photo, post it on your blog, and then tag 6 friends to do the same thing. Here's mine from last spring:

Evan with a pull-up on his head.
Apparently my family has a weird obsession with wearing things on our heads! :)

Now, it's your turn....

I'm tagging

1. Amy - because I'm sure she has some funny pics to share :)

2. Megan - because she's my wonderful sister

3. Jill - because she's my other wonderful sister

4. Lisa - because she was my grade partner when I was still teaching and we had our babies 1 day apart

5. Emilie - because she makes me laugh

6. Kari - because she faithfully leaves comments on my blog

Have fun!

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