Friday, July 8, 2011

like magic

So here's what my bathroom window has looked like
since I tossed the water-stained curtains
we'd had hanging there since we moved in. 

I am not a curtain person.  I have a very hard time finding curtains that fit my style + my personality + the colors I've chosen for the room.  Needless to say, I have very few window treatments in my house.

I knew I wanted white curtains but I also knew I didn't have much money to spend.
I found this great white shower curtain in the clearance section of Target.
It has a nice texture woven through it
and {BONUS} half of the seams are already finished for me!

I cut the curtain in half to make two panels.
I double-folded a 1/2 inch (total 1 inch) seam along the cut sides of each panel.
I ironed and pinned the crease and then sewed it with a straight stitch through my sewing machine.

 To get rid of the shower curtain holes along the top seam, I folded (only once since the seam is finished) the top down about 3 inches (about double of the seam for the curtain holes).  Then I used the width of the seam for the curtain holes as a guideline to sew the curtain rod pocket.   I just sewed a straight seam along the top and bottom of the curtain hole seams and, VOILA, a curtain rod pocket with a gather at the top.

Finally, I dug out some scrapbooking materials to create my ribbon tiebacks.  These are actually Martha Stewart adhesive ribbon strips.  I only removed about an inch of the adhesive backing to create a band and slid it onto the curtain. 

Easy, peasy!
And I love how they turned out.


em-il-ie said...

Awesome! They look great!

Betsy said...

Great job! They look beautiful!