Friday, July 15, 2011

OBX Vacation

It's hard to believe our annual family beach vacation is already over and done {and 3 weeks ago, now!}.  We had a week of wonderful weather that included relaxing on the beach, relaxing by the pool, relaxing in the house...I think you get the idea.  We had rain two nights, but nothing during the day.  The water was perfect; some days it was crystal clear. 

I LOVE that my kids are at the perfect ages to play somewhat independently without feeling panicked that they're going to wander off or drown.  I had the luxury of reading 3 books over the week, Water for Elephants, The Help, and The Green Smoothies Diet.  All of them were good reads, but The Help was by far my favorite.  I'll have to review it here soon.  I also got to do a little bit of scrapbooking at night, but did not have a partner in crime [MEGAN!].

By far, The Family Talent Show has to be the highlight of the week.  We had
Abby the dancer,
Chris the artist,
Evan the magician,
Ryan the chef,
Ava the French singer,
Grandma and Pop-Pop the puppeteers,
Megan and Jim the ballroom crashers dancers,
the McL Family acrobats,
and Michael and Kim the synchronized swimmers. 

Our family (besides Evan and Ryan) didn't have a talent.  I had brought our robot hat for Nathan to dance to the "Robot" song, but he DID NOT want to do anything by himself.  I had also picked up adhesive mustaches {I know, random...} at the $1 spot in Target.  So about 5 minutes before the show started, I did a search for "mustache" on iTunes and found the coolest mustache song. It's called "Mustache" by the Funkey Monkeys and I tried to upload the song/video for you to hear it because it's just so darn cute, but alas, no'll have to google it yourself!

We slapped on the mustaches, played the song, and danced around.  It was pretty funny and the kids enjoyed it, too.  Nothing like the last minute!

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