Saturday, July 2, 2011

to be mailed june 2011

These letters have been earmarked for postal delivery since June 2002.
Back when stamps were only 34 cents :)
They were written by my third graders from their third grade selves to
their future high school graduate selves.

They are filled with
favorite foods,
lists of friends,
8/9 year old thoughts
and opinions,
and dreams for the future.

Some are quite comical like
"Girls are gross."
"I'm never going to get married!"
"I wonder if teachers live at school?"

I had 8 out of 9 of my 3rd grade classes write this end of the year letter when I was teaching 3rd grade.  This was one of my favorite acitivities and I look forward to mailing these out every June because I know that I'll hear back from some of my kids.  I love knowing their plans for college or work or military enlistment.  I love being able to encourage them at least one more time as they become adults and enter the world. 

Some of my students have been kind enough to say
I was their favorite teacher
or that I inspired them to go into education.

That makes it all worthwhile.


Abby said...

oh, how neat!!! 3rd grade teachers are the best, you know! that's when i decided I wanted to become a teacher and my teacher then was just about the favorite...this whole post warmed my heart--teacher heart to teacher are awesome! hope to see you soon!!!:)

fatherknowsbest said...

How wonderful is this, Amy. You are so creative and use such wonderful ideas with the kids and I am in awe as a coworker!