Saturday, July 24, 2010

and so it begins...

Mark has cleared the land at the back of our property for a treehouse.

Not just any treehouse [because, frankly, we have NO trees to support a house], but a bona fide house raised off the ground to be among the trees that the boys will be able to hang out and even camp in if they want.

This is what happens when your hubby reads books like this:

Mark has been inspired to draft his own design for the boys' treehouse, complete with a turned stair to the raised deck, windows, raised roof, dormers, and bunks.

Yes, I said dormers.

Last weekend, he rented a bobcat to clear the brush back from our property line and dig the holes for the posts that will support the treehouse. The boys were thrilled with the prospect that their treehouse had begun to be built.

Nathan, however, was a little disappointed there was not much progress. He said, "Where's the treehouse?"

Little slave driver.

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