Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ryan's moonbounce party

On Saturday, we celebrated Ryan's 5th birthday with a "Rock Star" moonbounce birthday party. He has been waiting patiently for 2 years since Evan's moonbounce party to have his own and I don't think he was disappointed! We invited family and friends and everyone had a great time.

I made a guitar cake that Ryan loved ~ the hardest thing about keeping a theme at moonbounce is that they don't let you bring much from the outside in. So, we had rock star invites, a guitar cake and then I had fun putting the party favors together. We decorated white lunch bags with glitter letter stickers, music notes, and stars. Inside, I included some glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, rock band silly bandz, a box of crayons, bubbles in a guitar-shaped bottle, and lollipops.

Uncle Jim jumping with Abby

Our friend, Marty, and his three boys

Cousins-in-crime Alex and Ava

The grandparents and the infamous Aunt Cindi :)

Ryan with some of his buddies from preschool

Aunt Megan & Uncle Jim


Coloring....isn't that what everyone wants to do at a moonbounce party?

Blowing out the candles

Opening gifts back at the house
minus Nathan
[he fell asleep on the way home - too much bouncing, I guess]

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!
My wish for you this year is to enjoy the many firsts that will come with being 5
{and here's to growing a couple of inches, too!}
Love you, Ryan!

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Aunt Cindi (the infamous) said...

Wait a minute.... what you mean the "infamous" Aunt Cindi? LOL. Isn't "infamous" usually used for criminals and troublemakers? What're you trying to say there, missy? hahah