Thursday, July 29, 2010

is this thing on?

I'm a nice person.
I won't bite.
So please leave a comment next time you visit.
I love reading blog love :)


Danielle said...

Ok, here is some love! I check your blog each time I check your sisters. I love seeing the pictures of your boys. Joel can't believe how much they resemble Mark as a boy. Tell Megan we need some more pictures and an update. Surely Alex is over the pacifier now?!
There. Hope you feel loved.:)
That's a nice photo of you by the way.

Mama Abby said...

I think you know I always check, except it's been a little hard being out of the country...keep blogging please:)

em-il-ie said...

I have my new computer now so expect some new blog stalking and commenting. P.S. when are we going to get our scrap on again? I miss the four girls.

Betsy said...

I absolutely love reading your daily adventures and seeing pictures of my beautiful grandchildren - you and Mark too :)
Nice picture of you here Amy.
Love you. Mom

Heather Nicholas said...

Hi Amy- I love reading your blog and seeing your incredibly creative scrapbook pages. Your family is adorable. I wish Megan would update her blog as often as your do. Keep doing what you are doing!!
heather neeson

Megan said...

All right, all right!!!!! Hoping to get the blog back up & running soon! :)

Amy - I love reading the blog & hearing all the funny stories about my 3 favorite nephews! :). Love ya!